ALTAY-Multifunctional Auto-Rollator & Walker

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  • Light and Easy – Very Easy to Fold and Lift Up, Only 16kg/2.5st
  • User or Attendant control options
  • Adjustable Handlebar
  • Adjustable Backrest
  • Flip up Armrest
  • Right or Left Side Front Controller Options
  • Handbrakes



  1. Rollator – Use like a regular rollator, push and go!
  2. Rollator Resistance Mode with Anti-fall Support – 3 different resistance levels – Continue to Walk and Exercise, without fear for falling!
  3. Rollator Power Assist Mode with Automatic Lock Mode– 3 different assist modes – making it easier to walk up hills!
  4. Manual Wheelchair Mode – An attendant could easily push you if you need!
  5. Attendant Controller Power Wheelchair Mode  – sit, relax and allow your attendant to take the controls with power push assistance!
  6. Power Wheelchair Mode – Tired of walking and more places to go, The CULVER -ALTAY is here!


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